Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Little One

Our new little one is of the furry persuasion.

We have a new addition to the family, Logos, the grey cat. Jeff had been feeding a neighborhood cat for a while and wanted to keep him. He is nice and friendly, not totally comfortable with us yet, but that's ok, it will take a while. We wanted to introduce him to Lizzie but decided to wait till we had taken him to the vet.

We took him to the vet on Monday. He got a clean bill of health, except for ear mites. Logos did have fleas but that we had taken care of the week before. So he has gotten all his shots and will have to go back for a booster round in a month. He is a good car rider. He will talk for about a minute or so then lay down till the car stops for a while, like at a long red light. He will then say one or two things more then lay down again. He did not scratch and paw at the carrier till he was in the house and had stopped moving. Logos is a domestic short hair, about 1 year old and weighs 10 pounds. He will get bigger because he does not 'fit' his paws right now.

We introduced Lizzie and Logos Monday night. It did not go that bad. Logos just wanted to explore the house. Lizzie left him alone for a minute or so, then followed him around. We are not sure if Lizzie wanted to play or if she was asserting her domination, as she batted him a couple of times. No claws were used, she is good at not using them. He did spray a couple of times but not anything that we could not clean or wash. He was inside for about 20 minutes then decided that he wanted out. So we let him. We will have to see how further interactions go. As of right now they are not alone in the house together.

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