Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool things

I dropped off Will at Grandmas.  I usually wait a couple of minutes so that Will does not get too upset as I leave. We are having a little separation anxiety or some of the teething, I don't want anyone but Mommy stage right now.  Grandma and Will were playing on the floor with a activity cube thing that has shaped & colored buttons to push, a cylinder to roll, and a dial to turn (like an old rotary phone). Grandma was showing Will how to push the button with his finger instead of hitting it.  He decided that he was not strong enough so he grabbed Grandma's finger and used that to push the button.  Grandma and I were, 'Did we see what we thought we saw?'  It is great to see how he is developing, learning and problem solving.  We are just starting to have fun just putting things in and out of containers.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My water baby

"Dancing in the rain"

Well kind of, it's dancing - Will style. It's been hot here. I mean 103-105 hot. So with Tropical Depression #5 in Louisiana pushing moisture our way and the afternoon heat we got a thunder storm. It rained hard and was blowing all directions. Will loves the water so we took him out side to see and feel the rain. He loved it, as you can see.

I crawled up here all by my self!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Cut first tooth between 3pm and 8pm on Sunday It’s amazing what that will do for sleeping. No problems tonight putting him to bed. Ahhhh, (sound of relief)

Nap time

… or lack there of
Nap schedule from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Nurse, read books, sing, put in crib (typical routine) = FAIL
Hold, rock, sing, tabs, pacifier to chew on, put in crib = FAIL
Hold, rock, sing, Tylenol, pacifier to chew on, put in crib = FAIL
Give up after 2+ hours

Sometime he would go to sleep after this but that was because he was totally exhausted from crying.