Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So we have multipule venues of entertainment in the house.  Around the noon hour, when Will gets up, I will usuly nurse in the bedroom and during this time Lizzie & Logos are excited to have someone around they come and play.  Usually they play 'King of the Bed', or should I say 'Queen' because Lizzie usually wins.  They will chase each other over, around, and under the bed, then out to the hall and back.  It's nice to have that entertainment while I am nursing.  Then they get tired and come and rest.

The other day as I was holding Will, Lizzie wanted some loving so she jumped on my lap.  I had two little ones on my lap taking naps that afternoon. 

Last night as I was playing with Will during 'Tummy Time', Lizzie was curious about what was going on and just walked over, jumped up and laid on my back.  She stayed there for a good 7~8 minutes.

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