Monday, March 15, 2010


We had a good weekend after a long week. Tuesday was Taylor Showcase, kind of like an open house, all the differnt groups and classes show off what they have been doning during the year; Wednesday was our small group; Thursday a baby shower; Friday a wedding rehersal and dinner; Saturday the wedding; today a relaxing day.  Will did great all week with us keeping him out later than normal.  We are truly blessed to have a child that just seems to know when we need to be out later than normal and just go's with the flow. 

This is a picture infront of the lake where the reception was at.

These are pictures of Neal & Micah.  They are such a great couple.

A picture of Will and Sarah.  Casey had comeover to help empty the gerage so that we can put up shelves over Spring Break to organize.  Our friend Chris came over for a while too.  Thanks guys so much for that.

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